Birtle and District Foundation Inc.

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Birtle and District Foundation Inc.

Box 598
Birtle, MB R0M 0C0

Registered Charitable Number: 81869 1875 RR0001
Manitoba Region: Southwest


That our entire community continues to grow in healthy ways.


To engage investors that will allow us to support programs and services that will benefit our community now and in the future.


The Birtle and District Foundation was established for the Town and RM of Birtle citizens to contribute funds to the betterment of all aspects of the community and its citizens and a way to benefit future generations.


  • Roger Wilson – Board Chair
  • Eleanor Dnistransky – Treasurer
  • Susanne Burdett
  • Mandy Lee
  • Fred Haun
  • Edith Galloway
  • Kaitlynn Salmon

Foundation Funds

Community Endowment Fund Main fund that we are focused on growing. Money is invested and each year the interest earned from this investment is granted within the community.
Prairie View Youth in Philanthropy (Birtle Collegiate) New fund established in 2018 with assistance from the Thomas Sill Foundation. The BCI YiP group collects grant applications and chooses yearly grant recipients.

Recent Grants

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  • Birdtail Tennis Club: $5000 
  • Birtle Centre For The Arts: $5000
  • Foxwarren Leisure Centre – $2500
  • Valley Services For Seniors: $1000
  • Birtle Barrell Series: $650
  • Birtle Ag. Society: $3056 
  • $5,000: Birtle Elementary School
  • $5,000: Foxwarren Arena
  • $1,303: Birtle Miniota CDC
  • $2,000: Morning Star Daycare
  • $1,500: Valley Recreation District
  • $932: Birtle Drop In
  • $2664: Birtle Ag. Society
  • $1250: Valley Services for Seniors
  • $5000: The Classic Garden -Arts Programming


Youth in Philanthropy

  • $500: BCI Volleyball Nets
  • $375: Thunder & Ice Snowmobile Club
  • $500: BCI Wellness Breakfast Club
  • $750: Birdtail Ski Club – Ski Trail Cabin
  • $375: Morning Star Daycare – Play Equipment
  • $1500: Birtle Riverside Golf Course
  • $2000: Birdtail Ski Club
  • $600: Thunder & Ice Snowmobile Club
  • $9000: Birtle Arena
  • $400: Valley Services for Seniors
  • $1000: Birdtail Country Museum
  • $1000: Birtle Ag. Society
  • $500: Morning Star Daycare
  • $500: Foxwarren History Society – Regional Museums


Youth In Philanthropy

  • $500: Birtle Collegiate Basketball Jerseys
  • $1000: Miniota School Playground
  • $1000: Prairie View Gymnastics
  • $600: Upper Assiniboine River Conservation District
  • $3500: Classic Garden
  • $4500: Birtle Curling Club (Roof)
  • $2015.60: Services for Seniors (Pioneer Guest Suite)


Youth in Philanthropy

  • $1000: Birtle Collegiate Gym Backboards
  • $1500: Miniota School Playground

Grant Deadlines

Foundation Highlights

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Birtle Foundation supports BES playground fundraiser
Birtle Foundation supports BES playground fundraiserApril 11, 2018
Read More
Birtle Elementary School would like to say a huge thank-you for the amazing support of the Birtle and District Foundation for their generous donation towards our playground fundraising efforts.Read the complete story
Tundra Virden office donates to area foundations
Tundra Virden office donates to area foundationsMarch 27, 2018
Read More
Tundra Oil and Gas Partnership through their 2016 United Way campaign once again graciously donated $1950 to the Birtle and District Foundations Community Fund.
Local groups support Gymnastics Club
Local groups support Gymnastics ClubMarch 27, 2018
Read More
Prairie View Gymnastics Club purchasing new equip-ment thanks to support from Birtle & District Foun-dation, Birtle Lions and Value Shoppe.
Expanding Community Cancer Care Project
Expanding Community Cancer Care ProjectMarch 21, 2018
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Birtle & District Foundation Board Member, Liz Finch, presents a cheque to Gloria Tibbatts, Chair.
Project helps youth engage in community
Project helps youth engage in communityFebruary 7, 2018
Read More
Birtle Collegiate is pleased to announce that we have formed a Youth in Philanthropy group after receiving donations from the Thomas Sill Foundation of Winnipeg and The Birtle and Dis-trict Foundation.
Classic Garden receives funds
Classic Garden receives fundsJanurary 24, 2018
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The Classic Garden gives thanks to The Birtle Foundation and all the folks who support this great cause.
Foundation's money at work
Foundation's money at workMay 7, 2017
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Birtle & District Foundation member, Liz Finch, pre-sents cheque for $1500 to the Foxwarren Historical Society.