Partner Organizations

The Winnipeg Foundation

Endow Manitoba began as a strategic initiative of The Winnipeg Foundation, Manitoba’s first community foundation and one of the largest in Canada. Endow Manitoba continues to receive support from The Winnipeg Foundation, delivering programs to all Manitoba’s community foundations.

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Community Foundations of Canada (CFC)

CFC is an umbrella organization that provides community foundations with tools and resources to help them flourish in their communities.

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Program Partners

Association of Manitoba Museums (AMM)

The AMM is a service organization providing training, advocacy, resources and leadership to museums in Manitoba.

Endow MB administers the Manitoba Heritage Trust Program (MHTP) with support from the AMM.

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Association for Manitoba Archives (AMA)

The AMA’s mandate is to preserve the heritage of the people and institutions of the Province of Manitoba by improving the administration, effectiveness and efficiency of the province’s archival system(s).

Endow MB administers the Manitoba Heritage Trust Program (MHTP) with support from the AMA.

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Manitoba Government
Endow MB is working with the Manitoba government to administer the following programs:
  • Endow Manitoba Fund
  • Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge 
  • Manitoba Heritage Trust Program (MHTP) and Manitoba Heritage Trust Endowment
  • Signature Museums Sustainability and Capacity Building Funds
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