About Endow Manitoba

What is Endow Manitoba?

An initiative of The Winnipeg Foundation, Endow Manitoba (Endow MB) was established to “advance the sustainability, growth, and impact of Manitoba’s community foundation network.” We work with the province’s 57 (and counting) community foundations, as well as with select other nonprofit partners.

How does Endow MB work?

Endow MB uses a research-based and systematic approach based on a Sustainability, Growth, and Impact (SGI) Model that was co-developed with Manitoba’s community foundations. This SGI Model reinforces community foundations’ organizational and operational “best practices,” and is used by the Endow MB team to identify potential areas for enhancement and appropriate programming supports and services.

We offer an interconnected suite of specialized services, including capacity building, research and development, and incubation programming, as well as more ‘traditional’ foundation activities of grant-making, fund stewardship, and investment management support.

What does Endow MB do?

Endow MB offers a variety of programs and supports tailored to community foundations and other stakeholders. Here are a few examples:

Provincial Advisory Board (PAB)

2023 Provincial Advisory Board members with Endow MB staff.

Formed in 2019, the PAB is an opportunity for community foundations to provide ongoing input and feedback about Endow MB’s programs and initiatives. The PAB is comprised of volunteer representatives from community foundations across the province. Read more here.


Capacity Building

(board workshops, Community Foundation Conference)

Capacity building is the process of developing and strengthening skills, abilities, processes and resources needed to thrive. Endow MB develops customized capacity building supports delivered through board workshops, the bi-annual Community Foundation Conference, and more.

Shared Staff Program

The Endow Manitoba Shared Staff: Chloé Arbez-Rondeau, Caddie Crampton, Maia Vicente.

Qualified professional staff are provided for community foundations using a cost sharing arrangement between Endow MB and participating community foundations. This builds capacity that would otherwise be unattainable for smaller community foundations. Meet our Shared Staff – aka Community Foundation Coordinators – as well as the rest of the Endow MB team.


Awareness and Fund Development

(Giving Challenge Fundraising Program)

The Giving Challenge is a province-wide initiative that builds the community (unrestricted) funds of participating community foundations. A stretch incentive is provided by the Manitoba government and The Winnipeg Foundation to encourage gifts. In its nine years in existence, the Giving Challenge has added almost $9 million to community foundations’ undesignated funds. Click here to learn more.

Results: Evolving Endow MB to advance Manitoba’s nonprofit sector

Endow MB has achieved measurable success in its work with community foundations. As a result, Endow MB is being asked to share its model in other provinces, creating opportunity for broader application.

As part of The Winnipeg Foundation’s 2023-2026 strategic plan, Endow MB will apply its integrated capacity building, research and development, and incubation strategies in support of Indigenous philanthropy, underserved communities, and other provincial initiatives that advance Manitoba’s nonprofit sector.