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Each community foundation in Manitoba has a unique grant application process, timeline and requirements.

Please contact your local community foundation if you are interested in submitting a grant application. Visit Find your Foundation.

All community foundations have similar granting criteria:

  • The recipient must be a:
    • Qualified donee; 
    • Registered charity, with a CRA number;
    • Municipal government; or
    • Non-profit group with a formalized partnership with a registered charity or municipal government.
  • Grants are approved for specific projects and purposes and should not be used for any other project or purpose unless authorized by the community foundation. 
  • The project is within the boundaries of the community foundation’s area (exceptions may apply).
  • The project must benefit the residents of the community.
  • The project must not be partisan or political in nature.

NOTE: These guidelines do not apply to Scholarships.

The disbursement of grant funds is controlled by the community foundation and may be dependent on project milestones, spending, reports, or any other criteria determined by the community foundation.