Endow Manitoba Grants and Support Programs

Grants and funds available to community foundations in Manitoba

* Grants available for all Manitoba community foundations.
** Grants available for Affiliates of The Winnipeg Foundation.

If you have questions or would like more information about any of the grants please contact the Endow Manitoba team.

Endow Manitoba Grant *

Every community foundation in Manitoba is eligible to receive $1,500 grant. (Formerly known as Administrative Support Grant.) To receive the grant, community foundations must provide information about their foundation’s activities for the past year.

The grant application form is posted online in August and must be submitted by September 30 of each year.

Professional Development Grants *

All community foundations will be eligible to apply for support to cover travel and registration costs of the 2022 Endow Manitoba Community Foundation Conference.

  • $200/delegate, distributed on a first come, first served basis 

Information Technology Enhancement Program *

In Summer 2020, all community foundations in Manitoba will be eligible to receive a new laptop and software designed to support their local community foundation activities.

This program will enable the network of community foundations in Manitoba to communicate and support each other in new ways, creating efficiencies and opportunities that will enhance our collective efforts. This program will be sustained by a 4-year evergreen (replacement) policy and robust training program supported through investments from the Manitoba government.

Threshold Grant **

The Winnipeg Foundation provides additional administrative support to Affiliated community foundations, based on the community foundation’s assets and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Assets ExceedAnnual Grant
(with “bonus” for meeting all KPIs)
$1.0 million$3,000
$1.5 million$4,000
$2.0 million$5,000
$2.5 million$6,000
$3.0 million$7,000
$3.5 million$8,000
$4.0 million$9,000
$4.5 million$10,000
$5.0 million$11,000

Sustainability and Growth Grant **

Designed to build sustainability and encourage intentional growth of the community foundation movement, each affiliated community foundation is eligible to receive a grant of up to $2000. Grant amount will be based on a transparent “common business mode” scorecard.

Community Outreach Grant **

Affiliated community foundations have access to a $500 grant to support their ongoing outreach in their communities. This is including, but not limited to, newspaper ads, sponsorships, community events, etc.