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The Steinbach Community Foundation Inc.

Unit 1 – 385 Loewen Blvd
Steinbach, MB R5G 0B3

Registered Charitable Number: 894322825 RR0001
Manitoba Region: Southeast


The goals of the foundation are carried out in and around the City of Steinbach and are targeted to support the community in the areas of social services, arts and culture, education, medical services, and general community-based initiatives.


  • Mary Jane Hiebert – Chair
  • Chris Esau – Vice Chair
  • Sarah Beaver – Treasurer
  • Deb Rempel – Secretary
  • Patti Fries
  • Troy Warkentin
  • Reyn Kroeker
  • Katharine Cherewyk
  • Wes Unger
  • Lindsey Banman


  • Lynda Lambert

Foundation Funds

General Endowment Fund A fund that provides for general support grants as determined by the foundation board.
The Chrysalis Fund A fund supported by a community of women philanthropists which is then leveraged to support specific causes and interests of the community.
Named Family Funds Funds created and augmented by individuals or families. The groups are then able to recommend grant support to their preferred charity.
Arts Stabilization Fund A fund established to support the work and programs of the Steinbach Arts Council Inc.
Heritage – Mennonite Heritage Village Fund A fund to build and maintain operating capacity for the Mennonite Heritage Village Museum.
Steinbach Credit Union – Multiplex Fund A fund to support a future multiplex development project in Steinbach.
Mennonite Heritage Village (Canada) Inc. Signature Museum Sustainability Fund A fund to support the governance and management, operational standards, and enhancement of visitor experiences at the Mennonite Heritage Village Museum.

Recent Grants

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Steinbach Community Outreach – New van (Community Fund) $8,000
Eden Residential Care Services Inc. – Eden East Mental Wellness Centre (Community Fund) $5,000
Chalet Malouin – An accessible automatic door for seniors (Community Fund) $5,000
Steinbach Community Outreach – New van (Community Fund)$8,000
Eden Residential Care Services Inc. – Eden East Mental Wellness Centre (Community Fund)$5,000
Chalet Malouin – An accessible automatic door for seniors (Community Fund)$5,000
Mennonite Heritage Village Museum – Chortitz housebarn hearth repair project (Lepp Family Fund)$8,000
Steinbach Housing – Universal tables project $3,000
City of Steinbach – LA Barkman Park basketball court project $7,000
Steinbach Arts Council Inc. – Community theatre expansion project $8,000
Ronald McDonald House – New house build $2,000
Eden Health Care Services $3,000
Segue Career Options $2,200
Friends of the Steinbach Public Library Inc. $2,400
Aulneau renewal Center Inc. $5,000
FASD A Life’s Journey $3,000
Steinbach Family Resource Center $4,000
Blumenort Christian School $2,506
Steinbach Family Resource Centre $2,000
Eastman Crisis Center Inc $2,330
Mennonite Heritage Village Inc $11,926
Steinbach Community Outreach Inc $4,670
Steinbach Housing Inc $5,000
Eden Foundation $2,000
Canadian Red Cross Inc $4,285
Mennonite Heritage Village Museum $6,000
Bethesda Foundation $500
Today House Inc. $1,300
Eden East Inc $950
ROC Eastman Inc $3,400
Steinbach Community Outreach $2,500

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