North Norfolk Foundation Inc.

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North Norfolk Foundation Inc.

Box 696
MacGregor, MB R0H 0R0

Registered Charitable Number: 898285648 RR0001
Manitoba Region: North Central


The North Norfolk Foundation’s mission is to preserve and advance the quality of life in the community.


The North Norfolk Foundation grants financial assistance to projects that will enhance the quality of life for the people in the Municipality of North Norfolk.


  • Karen Guth – Chairperson
  • Ryan Turner – Treasurer
  • Randy Chambers
  • Pam McKelvy
  • Ron Sawatsky
  • Tammy Kruse
  • Laurie Stewart
  • Karl Voesenek – RM Representative
  • Krystal Unrau

Foundation Funds

MacGregor Cemetery Fund Income paid to MacGregor Cemetery for their expenses.
School Cairn Fund Income is paid to assist with the ongoing expenses incurred for the school cairns in the RM of North Norfolk.
Gothic Temple Lodge Bursary Most improved student in grade 12 at MCI who is continuing his/her education.
Derek Bomak Memorial Award For a student who demonstrates sportmanship and leadership, in good academic standing and involved in extra curricular sports at MCI.
John & Jean McRae Memorial Fund Income to Katrime Cemetery.
MCI Sports for All Fund Income to be paid to those students requiring financial assistance to help pay for sports activities at the MacGregor Collegiate Institute.
Arts Stabilization Manitoba Fund – Manitoba Agricultural Museum To assist with the costs incurred by the Museum and to continue the mandate of ASM to continue to achieve stability and sustainability.
Kim Hofer Fund Funds to be used to assist with the cost of school supplies for those students in the Pine Creek School Division who are in financial need.
Hometown Award Awarded to a graduating student from MacGregor Collegiate going into a science related field. It pays $1,000 per year for 4 years of post-secondary.
Alf & Allision Graham Memorial Bursary For a well-rounded MCI student with excellent academic performance and significant school and community involvement who is pursuing post-secondary education.
Haley Stewart Memorial Award For a female MCI student with good academics, significant extracurricular involvement, attending a post-secondary institution.
First Timothy Award For a graduating MCI student attending a Bible College or University; has worked to their potential academically; actively participated in volunteer activities (youth group, camp ministry, etc.) good school citizenship.
Gordon Purkess Memorial Award For a MCI graduate who plans to pursue a career in the trades or training in agriculture or agronomy or a career in transportation; good work ethic; has worked to their potential; good school citizenship.
MacGregor Emergency Services Award For a MCI graduating student pursuing post-secondary studies in EMS, Fire ( 1st priority), Nursing, Policing, Social Work/Counselling; allowed to defer up to 27 months after graduating.
Vivian McGregor Award (formerly the North Norfolk-MacGregor Foundation Community Education) For a graduating MCI student with outstanding community service (school service not included).
Rumanick Memorial Award For a graduating MCI student having high academic performance which includes two English credit courses and who is pursing post-secondary studies.
Wilfred Alton Memorial Award For a MCI student with high academic average who is pursing university or community college in a technical field.
Austin Cemetery Fund For perpetual maintenance at the Austin Cemetery.
The Beaver Creek Cemetery Fund To support the Beaver Creek Cemetery.

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